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Newest tutorials

  • Visual tool for estimating the fractal dimension of images

    by Captain Picard
    3/20/2015 12:14:13 AM
    9/20/2009 10:41:55 AM
    Language: Visual Basic

    This work presents a new Visual Basic 6.0 application for estimating the fractal dimension of images, based on an optimized version of the box-counting algorithm. Following the attempt to separate the real information from “noise”, we considered also the family of all band-pass filters with the same band-width (specified as parameter). The fractal dimension can be thus represented as a function of the pixel color code. The program was used for the study of paintings cracks, as an additional ... (see entry for full description)

  • How to Extract Entire Text from PowerPoint Presentation inside Android Apps

    by aspose_seo
    3/18/2015 3:50:51 AM
    9/20/2009 10:41:55 AM
    Language: Java/Javascript

    This technical tip explains how Android developers can extract entire text from a presentation inside Android applications using Aspose.Slides for Android. You can extract text from presentation using Aspose.Slides for Android. The text inside a presentation is located in two types of objects namely TextHolder and TextFrame. TextHolder is a special Placeholder that holds text and TextFrame is actually a TextBox which you create using MS-PowerPoint. Aspose.Slides for Android has designed the layo ... (see entry for full description)

  • Playing MP3 and WAV Files

    by Benebo Braide
    1/7/2015 9:02:01 AM
    9/20/2009 10:41:55 AM
    Language: C/C++

    This two part tutorial will guide you in playing audio using the waveOut Windows API

    What is Included

    • Playing MP3 Files
    • Playing WAV Files
    • Complete Source Codes on Both Topics

    Hope this helps someone. If you find it helpful, don't miss my next tutorial: Recording Audio. Cheers!

  • Developing Graphical User Interfaces using VB 6

    by GinuAlex
    5/27/2014 3:14:56 AM
    9/20/2009 10:41:55 AM
    Language: Active Server Pages/VBScript

    Developing Graphical User Interfaces using VB 6


    by Dinesh Mishra
    10/2/2014 7:15:28 PM
    9/20/2009 10:41:55 AM
    Language: SQL

    TO KNOW THE ROW-WISE DIFFERENCE IN DATES ============================================= At times we are faced with situation wherein we need to find out the difference in days or minutes or seconds between two records of same table. Example; suppose you need to find the difference in days between two invoices.

  • Matrix n*n

    by Morteza Zakeri
    12/28/2010 5:12:38 AM
    9/20/2009 10:41:55 AM
    Language: Perl


  • Generate raw vtable type library implementations of ActiveX ATL controls

    by winsock.kernel
    11/8/2014 12:37:45 PM
    9/20/2009 10:41:55 AM
    Language: Delphi

    Gain faster lightweight access to SOME dual interfaced ATL objects without having to embed their control onto a form. Vtable access uses early binding which eliminates the slower late bound dispatch querying/cashing for properties and methods.

  • How to Use Photo Gallery In Magento

    by FMEExtensions
    3/16/2015 6:29:19 AM
    9/20/2009 10:41:55 AM
    Language: PHP

    Photo Gallery can be installed in Magento by using third party plugin such as FME Magento Photo Gallery Extension. In Magento, extensions offers added features which are not present in the platform by default. This photo gallery adds a new page on your website, product images, and more.

  • val32 codex asm x86

    by honeyx
    4/1/2015 4:24:09 PM
    9/20/2009 10:41:55 AM
    Language: Cold Fusion

    Learn to validate a string number to a number and input it from keyboard easy 32 bits

  • How to Get Specific Attachment from PDF File Using C#, Java & PHP in Cloud

    by aspose_seo
    4/1/2015 10:26:49 AM
    9/20/2009 10:41:55 AM
    Language: .Net

    This tutorial shows how developers can get a specific attachment from a PDF using Aspose.Pdf for Cloud API in your applications. Developers can use Aspose REST API with any language: .NET, Java, PHP, Ruby, Rails, Python, jQuery and many more. Aspose for Cloud is a cloud-based document generation, conversion and automation platform for developers that offer a unique suite of APIs to work with Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, and email formats and protocols.

  • Rotate any Div in jquery

    by Amit Gaur
    8/20/2014 1:27:09 AM
    9/20/2009 10:41:55 AM
    Language: Dark Basic

    Rotate any Div in jquery

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