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_ A String manipulation example in VB.NET, EQUIVALENTS: Len, Mid, Replace, InStr, UCase, Split etc _
by Jon Barker
Language: .Net

A string manipulation example in VB.NET. Are ALL covered in the tutorial, using PURE VB.NET STRING MANIPULATION TEQNIQUES Commands and equivilents Len = .Length, Mid = .SubString, Replace = .Replace, InStr = .IndexOf, UCase = .ToUpper, LCase = .ToLower, Split = .Split, Join = .Join, Enjoy! tHe_cLeanER

How to Write Your Own GPS Applications: Part 1
by Jon Person (GeoFrameworks)
Language: .Net

What is it that GPS applications need to be good enough for in-car navigation? Also, how does the process of interpreting GPS data actually work? In this two-part series, I will cover both topics and give you the skills you need to write a commercial-grade GPS application that works with a majority of GPS devices in the industry today.

Applying Object Oriented Programming in VB.NET (Part I)
by Rahul Vyas (coder000)
Language: .Net

Specially written for our beginner friends but experienced friends will also find it interesting. This tutorial is an extension to my last article on Object Oriented Programming. We have already seen the beauty and power of OOP in the last article. In this article, we will see how to implement the features of OOP in VB.NET.

Select ListView Item Programmatically
by Jason Heine
Language: .Net

This simple code will allow you to programmatically select an item in a listview. Hope this helps.

Learn VB .NET fast! -updated again-
by Sahand
Language: .Net

What's new in VB .NET? How can I use Classes in VB .NET? What does a shared method do?What's the usage of inheritance? How can i override a sub? How can i add events to my classes? Find your answers here! Sample files now ready

Signup using Image Verification Tutorial
by rajat talwar
Language: .Net

All Major Websites dealing with secure content, administrative rights and user privacy use image verification. an image is provided with a random string embossed on it and before registering the string has to be entered in the provided textbox. This can be easily seen at Yahoo. COM, gmail, planet source code (yes our very own PSC will ask you for this when you vote for me).

Quick tip on how to handle NULL in
by Ian Ippolito (vWorker)
Language: .Net

If you're an old ADO programmer, you may be frustrated by not knowing exactly how to check for NULL. Here's a 1 second tip on how to do it in ADO.NET.

Tutorial: How Do I Do It In VB.NET??
by Sean Dittmar
Language: .Net

This tutorial teaches syntax migration from VB6 to VB.NET with simple VB7/VB.NET comparison.

Easily add WinXP themes to your applications without manifest! Just 5 lines of code!!!
by Jorge Rodrigues Silva
Language: .Net

This is a very simple way of add WinXP themes to your applications! Tired of carrying arround unwanted manifest files??? well this uses only 5 lines of code ;)

_ Beginners Listview LVW tutorial: Various difernt views, add items WITH ICONS, spreadsheet style! _
by Jon Barker
Language: .Net

BEGINNER TREEVIEW TUTORIAL how to use the treeview and add items with icons to the treeview. + Spreadsheet view etc. First release, update with properties, events etc coming soon. Source code examples included

Using MySQL with Visual Studio
by Particle
Language: .Net

If you're just wondering how to use MySQL with VS.NET or are having problems, give this a try.

How to Write Your Own GPS Applications: Part 2
by Jon Person (GeoFrameworks)
Language: .Net

In part two of the series, the author of "GPS.NET" teaches developers how to write GPS applications suitable for the real world by mastering GPS precision concepts. Source code includes a working NMEA interpreter and sample high-precision application in C# and VB.NET.

How Do I do it in ASP.NET?
by sherif rofael
Language: .Net

This Tutorial Will Show You How TO implement the Following Using ASP. net: (7 in 1) Send E-mail With Attachment. UPLOAD A file to a Remote Server. Create a Graphical Counter. Create a Log File for the users of your page and add their info ( ip address, country, time, data, service provider, browser, OS, ...............) to an html file. Morse Code Encoder Machine ( Text + Sound ) into your Page. Get The Country and service provider of your page visitors. Determine The Locatio ... (see entry for full description)

Minesweeper, Behind the scenes
by arikp
Language: .Net

This article demonstrates directly reading another processes memory in C# using P/Invoke and Win32 Api's. Using the developed class I read Minesweeper memory.

How To: Modal Dialogs in ASP.NET
by Wayland Young
Language: .Net

This tutorial begins with basic HTML showing how to set data on a Modal Dialog and return that data to the original page using Javascript. There are a few tricks which will be illustrated that you'll have to use if you want to get the same functionality with ASP.NET pages. I've seen similar tutorials and samples on the web. Some claim to have modal dialogs but still allow clicking on the main window. Most don't show how to return multiple values from the dialog. Included in the .zip ... (see entry for full description)

Tutorial on How To Disguise URLs of your Website
by dotNETJunkie
Language: .Net

The purpose of this article is to show you how to disguise the url of your webpage. This is great for masking your webpage extension to not give away your server and development platform to potential hackers. You can also mask any parameters passed through the query string.
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undocumented varptr in vb7
by Izek_S
Language: .Net

VB6 has 3 undocumented functions. VarPtr, StrPtr, and ObjPtr.StrPtr returns object of a string, VarPtr returns address of any other variable and ObjPtr returns address of an object. In VB.Net these 3 functions are abosolete but their functionality is still avaliable.

Default Button
by Janus Kamp Hansen
Language: .Net

This is a sample made for Microsoft ASP.Net to show, how easy it is to 'force' a default button for a textbox. So far you have needed to install various DLL's or controls to control what button must be clicked, when a user is submitting some data from an textbox by pressing [ENTER] key.

A Complete Guide To GOF Design Patterns (With Examples Of Observer, Decorator and Strategy Patterns)
by Anoop Madhusudanan
Language: .Net

Design patterns provide you a flexible way to solve common design problems. This article gives you a simple and effective introduction regarding learning and applying design patterns. In this article series, we will design a foot ball engine, analyze the design problems in that, and will apply patters to solve our design problems. In this way, you will learn how to actually use design patterns.

Application Configuration Files
by D. de Haas
Language: .Net

How to use Application Configuration Files.


Newest Tutorials

How to Search, Modify & Replace All Hyperlinks in a Word Document using .NET
by aspose_seo
4/15/2015 6:15:42 AM

Language: .Net

This technical tip explains how .NET developers can find and modify all hyperlinks in a Word document. To find and modify hyperlinks it would be nice to have some sort of Hyperlink object with properties, but in the current version, there is no built-in functionality in Aspose.Words to deal with hyperlink fields. Hyperlinks in Microsoft Word documents are fields. A field consists of the field code and field result. In the current version of Aspose.Words, there is no single object that represents ... (see entry for full description)

How to Extract Email Messages from Outlook PST & Save to MSG inside .NET Apps
by aspose_seo
4/8/2015 6:05:31 AM

Language: .Net

This technical tip explains how .NET developers can extract email messages from outlook PST and save them to MSG format. To extract messages from an Outlook PST file and save them to disk as MSG files. It involves several steps such as • Read the Outlook PST file, • extract messages and, finally, • save the extracted messages.

How to Get Specific Attachment from PDF File Using C#, Java & PHP in Cloud
by aspose_seo
4/1/2015 10:26:49 AM

Language: .Net

This tutorial shows how developers can get a specific attachment from a PDF using Aspose.Pdf for Cloud API in your applications. Developers can use Aspose REST API with any language: .NET, Java, PHP, Ruby, Rails, Python, jQuery and many more. Aspose for Cloud is a cloud-based document generation, conversion and automation platform for developers that offer a unique suite of APIs to work with Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, and email formats and protocols.

Fetch Email Messages from IMAP Server & Save it as EML, MSG inside .NET Apps
by aspose_seo
3/11/2015 8:34:33 AM

Language: .Net

This technical tip explains how .NET developers can fetch email messages from IMAP server and save it to disk in different formats. The first example shows how to fetch email messages from a server and save them, in EML format, to disk. To save emails in MSG format, the ImapClient.FetchMessage() method needs to be called. It returns the message in an instance of the MailMessage class. The MailMessage.Save() method can then be called to save the message to MSG. Aspose.Email provides a 2-member ov ... (see entry for full description)

How to Search Text in a PDF using Regular Expression & Add Hyperlink over It
by aspose_seo
2/25/2015 4:15:01 AM

Language: .Net

This technical tip shows how .NET developers can search text inside PDF file using a regular expression and adding hyperlinks over the matches inside their .NET applications. To find a phrase and add hyperlink over it, first pass the regular expression as a parameter to the TextFragmentAbsorber constructor and then create a TextSearchOptions object which specifies whether the regular expression is used or not. After that get the matching phrases into TextFragments and loop though the matches to ... (see entry for full description)

C# SMS example – How to send SMS messages in C# .Net
by Jamie Reier
2/18/2015 7:59:12 AM

Language: .Net

I wrote this article to present a quick and easy way of SMS sending from a C# API using an SMS Gateway. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone who needs a good SMS sending solution.

How to capture frames from video stream by using your USB camera in C#
by Michael Donnovan
1/30/2015 8:42:13 AM

Language: .Net

In this tutorial the implementation of frame capture from a video stream in C# is in the focus. The tutorial contains theoretical background about the topic and it contains a full source code in order to make your project easier to accomplish.

How to Detect If Source PDF File is Password Protected or Not inside .NET Apps
by aspose_seo
1/28/2015 2:43:31 AM

Language: .Net

This technical tip shows how .NET developers can determine if the source PDF file is password protected or not inside their .NET applications using Aspose.Pdf for .NET. Aspose.Pdf for .NET provides great capabilities of dealing with PDF documents. When using Document class of Aspose.Pdf namespace to open a PDF document which is password protected, we need to provide the password information as an argument to Document constructor and in case this information is not provided, an error message is g ... (see entry for full description)

Visual Studio 2013 - Free
by J.B.
1/23/2015 3:06:28 PM

Language: .Net

Wow Visual Studio is now free ... It can be downloaded from the website of MS:

C# softphone development: How to create an autodialer?
by Leon Koller
1/23/2015 5:25:28 AM

Language: .Net

This programming article demonstrates how to build a VoIP autodialer (or predictive dialer) using C# that can be used to make huge amount of automated phone calls simultaneously via the Internet by using a console softphone application. This application is able to communicate with users, read and parse .csv Excel files, manage simultaneous calls, provide TextToSpeech functionality, etc.