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What is Visual Basic?

    Visual Basic (VB) is a RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool, that allows programmers to create Windows applications in very little time.   It is the most popular programming language in the world, and has more programmers and lines of code than any of its nearest competitors.

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Winners for code submitted

Winners for code submitted September 2014 as chosen  by your votes!

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In the meantime, here are previous month's winners

DM Skin Button - Update
New update to the skin button I now added MouseIn and MouseOut, added some new button styles, also Updated Enabled property to gray scale the button when disabled. I also added ExtraTag property anyway hope you like it.
Loop Beats
This is a Real Time Audio Looper for guitar, mic, keyboard, etc. It has 3 Channels of Audio Loops and a rapid chord MIDI sequenzer and 2 Drum box for rhythms (one Fast and one more complex ). All is syncronized. MIDI latency compensation. Just connect EFX send and EFX return from your guitar amp to Input -Output Audio Card, or a Mic and enjoy.. Control of Looper 2 with PC Keyboard. Control of Looper 2 with MIDI Pedalboard. Ease configuration. Loop Edition. Effects in real time. Efects in edition. Import of MIDI files for drums rhythms. Create Drum banks with real sound pads. Import Wave Loops. Export and save Wave Loops. Create Fast songs, fast rhythms. Optimal for practice Scales, Modes, Chords, etc. All is Wave sound 44Khz/16 Bits. Not ugli MIDI sounds.
The principles of painting with maths
An example of painting with maths inspired by Inigo Quilez. (updated more examples)