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What is .Net?

.NET is Microsoft's set of unified programming languages that allow developers to create enterprise-class Web and desktop applications across C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET and C++.NET. It includes a powerful set of libraries called the .NET Framework that makes it easier and faster to program than ever before.

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Winners for code submitted July 2014 as chosen  by your votes!

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HelpDesk Project: Virtual Map
The purpose of this application is to help you provide quicker support to users around your company. You deploy this app with your systems, with maps of your own buildings and when the user needs assistance, they run this application and it gives you a visual map in your email as to where they are and all the related computer information that you need to provide quick support.
A simple application to control the children and lock the computer after a period - user defines it you may know new tricks with the application as - How to prevent a particular file or a process ("Task Manager" for example) from running it - How to prevent your own application from closing it - How to make System Sounds and lock your PC programmatically - How to dealing with maskedBox , notifyIcon and linkedLabel Control