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A Complete Multi Downloader (using multithreads)

Submitted on: 1/16/2015 12:36:00 AM
By: S.Y. Kim (from psc cd)  
Level: Intermediate
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Compatibility: VB 6.0
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     This project downloads multiple files from the Internet(web) simutaneaously. I used multithreads to do it.

      You can active up to 20 threads, that is, you can download 20 files at the same time. Or, you can specify how many threads are active to download files. It provides fast downloads.

      Just drag and drop or copy and add URL(s) of web page(html page), image(graphic), mp3, zip or any binary/text file from a webbrowser and click Start! It supports http and ftp protocols.

      You can open and save the list of download files(and save path) as a file(simple text file) and open the selected URL or downloaded file, using the popup menu which activates when you click the mouse right button on the list box.

      The application window can be fully resized. When you exit the applicaition, it saves the form size and window position in the Windows registry. You can put the application window on the top which makes it easy to grab URLs from web browser. When you select or move the mouse over a download item on the list box, its save path will be shown in the status bar and list box tooltip.

      I tried it can be a small complete application as I can.
The zip file includes full source codes and an executable also.

      This is my first upload to this great server. Many persons and their codes contributed to make my project. I really appreciate their efforts. I used and tried Winsock and Inet controls. They are good. But, finally, I found they are not suitable to just download multiple files as fast as possible.

      I found I have to use multithread using an API download function. This project is the result of my efforts. I feel multi thread opens new horizon in my programming skills.

      I hope my codes help you to control multi-thread or multitasking tasks when you need them.

      Please, enjoy my code and program.
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