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Create Thumbnails exactly the same size in CodeIgniter

Submitted on: 1/23/2012 1:23:39 PM
By: snowboardr 
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     The purpose of this code is to show how to make equal size thumbnails in CodeIgniter.

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				Creating thumbnails in CodeIgniter is pretty straightforward. However creating thumbnails that are equal in dimensions is another story. The biggest problem we face is that you will not always get the perfect crop, for example not cropping the "important" part of the picture. 
One way around this of course would be to only supply images with equal dimensions to be cropped.  The whole image in this case would be cropped without loosing the import parts.

Comparison of the Original Image vs the Thumbnail

The above image shows a comparison of how each image size is cropped. 


(Cropped to 200 x 200)

It is clear that the women in the photo was partially cut off.  This could be solved by allowing the user to select the area to cropped.

About the Code

A few things to note about this code.  This code loops through a given directory and creates equal size thumbnails of each image found.  It was adapted from another blog post I found.  I wrote the code inside a CodeIgniter controller called Testing.  

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