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Live Update

Submitted on: 5/27/2005 1:40:53 PM
By: Igor Krupitsky  
Level: Intermediate
User Rating: By 8 Users
Compatibility: VB.NET
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     This program will give your application the Live Update capability. It downloads and decompresses a zip file into the folder you specify. The project was inspired by two similar projects on the web: 1) Automatic Online Update Toolkit by thomasdev 2) Microsoft Updater Application Block The program uses #ziplib by Mike Krueger

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Other User Comments

5/28/2005 10:13:13 PM

Hi! Nice work!!
Btw I was assigned to do something similar but I don't have any idea from where to start...
Specifically, I want to search in an access file (which exist in a remote computer) for the version and if the version is bigger than the version that it is installed (in the local computer), then the downloading phase must start and the existing program should be replaced. Then the live update program must open the new version of the program.
I want just to figure out how to do this with some simple lines of code (only what is needed).

I would be very thankful if you give me some hint or tips.

Thanks in advance,

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5/28/2005 10:37:24 PMIgor Krupitsky


You donít need to bother with keeping the version number in a database.

This program check the LastModified date of your file on the server and will you when the one on the server is newer then the one you have.
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5/29/2005 7:05:57 AM

Thanks, I think your way it's better!

I have already checked the other programs that had inspired you and I believe you did a fantastic work!!!
I checked other similar programs, as well, and your program was the only one that I could run without having any major problem!!

I have also sent you an email via planetsourcecode telling you what my problem is, and I would be very grateful if you could just have a look.

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5/29/2005 12:30:52 PMIgor Krupitsky

If you MUST use the database you need to create a web service that will return the current version number of your app and consume this web service from your client application.
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5/30/2005 4:50:49 AMPeter

Nice & clean. Good work.
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12/7/2005 2:22:17 PMIvanM

I have main application witch is Server and i have Clients on my local network, but only server has access to internet and only he can update files, now the problem/question is how to transfer files from Server to Client ?

Anyway nice App you got there, what about license ?
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12/7/2005 10:47:53 PMIgor Krupitsky


You might consider uploading the zip file to your server.
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3/4/2006 9:41:01 AMolivier

Hi, it a very nice code, working good when compiling with visual studio 2003. But i have error when compiling with studio 2005 : Thread error on progressbar (not the initial thread), so the progressbar can't be updated after the transfer. I have try in and with C#, but in all case I have this problem.

Have you try to compile and run your code with the .net framework 2.0 ?

Thanks in advance
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3/4/2006 11:49:44 AMIgor Krupitsky

No, this code has not been tested with .net framework 2.0.
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11/16/2006 1:50:42 AMasad

very very best tanks alot
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12/12/2006 12:02:45 PMMuhammadUmair

Can you test this code with .NET 2.0 / vs2005 as I am getting thread error as mentioned by olivier. Error is "cross thread operation not valid"
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1/7/2007 11:43:02 AMwizard

Firstly I'd like to say great code, exactly what I was looking for.
RE: VS2005 'Thread Error'.
I have upgraded the code in VS2005 and made it 'thread safe', I've also removed all references to 'DoEvent' which are not required in 2005 and cause an error.
It now seems to work fine, the upgraded code can be downloaded from: if anyone wants it.
Please note I have not touched or even tested the FileEncryption code as I don't intend to use it.
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