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A 2D game engine for C++ and an example : Aero Blasters

Submitted on: 1/4/2015 9:09:00 AM
By: Kamran Sethi (from psc cd)  
Level: Advanced
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Compatibility: Borland C++
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Aero Blasters is full featured game that shows off the DOS based “Air” engine made in the Borland C++ 3.1 environment. 
The engine is included herein too. This engine is an extension of the DOS C engine “Air Fighters” made on the same platform by me.
This engine is capable of generating a complete air simulation if it is provided with appropiate bitmap imagery.
Some of the capabilities of the engine are as follows

Supports multiple enemy and fire types using sprite inheritance.
Wallpaper scroll algorithms. 

Sprites controlled by frame sequences regulated with counters.
Fast Airplane Homing Missile support using a modified version of the Breshnam’s Algorithm. 

Smooth Keyboard control incorporating DOS interrupt vector table overriding for multi input per frame. 

Fading screen transitions by Palette register manipulation 

Optimized Bitmapped sprite rendering with transparency support and frame counters. 

Optimized mode 13h graphics library. 
Assembly enabled 80386 processor optimizations encapsulated in C++ classes. 

DMA fast data copy system. 
All Advanced low level features transparently encapsulated in C++ classes.
Full documentation.
Smooth scrolling backgrounds using double buffered surfaces.

Engine speed of 60 frames per second depending on the vertical retrace of the client monitor .

Collision detection algorithms based on rectangular surfaces.

Jet Mouse control support in absolute and relative acceleration modes.

Single Threaded.

Easy to use class hierarchy.

This game engine includes a test file that plays a demo application in which the user controls the jet fighter movement using the keyboard cursor keys and the keyboard right Alt-Ctrl keys to fire weapons. 
The demo provides a scrolling screen where help can be found. Unzip the file and open the project using the Borland C++ 3.1 open prj feature.
This code is ideal for all friends who are new to game programming or those who are looking for new ideas.
Please give me some credit when u use or abuse this code :)

Many ppl have told me about a "bios.h" problem.
Guys, it's INSANELY HARD ( impossible for me ) to run this code on any other 'thing' than BORLANDC++ V 3.1 or TURBOC3.0. You can find thse easily, TC3 is only 3MB so get it. This is the IDE of choice in most aacademic institutions !!!!!

Please vote for this project if you liked it using the links below :) + You may ask me for help if you are porting stuff to windows or Direct X. 

I'd like to help ( for free )

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2/19/2017 3:59:11 PMJose

If I do this in a console application on Visual studio, it will run? or how where do I run it?
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