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DeepLook 4.12 (UPDATED 26th Sep 2006)

Submitted on: 2/12/2015 6:27:00 AM
By: Dean Camera (from psc cd)  
Level: Intermediate
User Rating: By 59 Users
Compatibility: VB 6.0
Views: 5428
     Yes, it's back; yet another version of my award-winning VB source code scanning program. For those who don't know, DeepLook can scan your VB projects and return a detailed treeview showing statistics on almost every aspect. Other functions include the ability to copy all the files required by yor project into a single directory, create HTML/TXT reports and report unused variables. Incorporating many new bug-fixes and features, this release includes a feature that many users have requested even since its conception: HTML reports. After beginning the HTML template code, I got frustrated with the clumsyness of the method I was using so decided to use XML reports instead with a HTML formatting template. The result is that a XML report is saved as two files, the actual XML report data and a XML stylesheet (which, incidentally, is a Microsoft template that I altered to suit DeepLook). This method means smaller and faster XML report saving code. In case you already have a DeepLook text report saved on your computer, you can now "scan" the text file to produce a XML report directly. Other additions include making the code MUCH more robust as well as fixing what I think I can safely say all the remaining bugs in the Unused Variable Scanner. The UVS also takes into account (ignores) case-preserving variables that are encapsulated in the "#if false" and "#end if" headers. Other new additions/corrections are listed below. Screenshot note: the daughter windows are NOT transparent in the actual program, that just saves space. No votes please, this is just an update (and i've already won once!) but I WOULD appreciate some constructive comments. Zip ~350kb. +++ MAJOR ADDITIONS IN THIS VERSION: Array handling fixed for a major speed increase, Quick access Addin This contains a few bugfixes I implemented since the major Nov update. Fixed bugs described by Lorin, Morgan and Robert in the comments, as well as a bug I found in the Recent Scanned Items list. ### UPDATE: Fixed an issue which may cause an infinite loop or incorrect results, thanks to Steve Redmyer###


Windows API/Global Declarations:

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'Windows API/Global Declarations for :DeepLook 4.12 (UPDATED 26th Sep 2006)
Works best when compiled - 940kb, or ~220kb when compressed with the UPX ( EXE compressor or FSG EXE packer.
Currently scans at about 1500 lines per second on a 700MHz computer.
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