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LanParty - LAN-based Game Launcher

Submitted on: 4/4/2016 2:24:29 AM
By: BradleyS 
Level: Advanced
User Rating: By 1 Users
Compatibility: VB 6.0
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     I wrote this for a LAN Party that I have occasionally. Essentially, you can add programs or games to the LanParty Launcher and distribute the entire package to people. It facilitates the easy discovery and management of a LAN party. It's fully decentralized, including administration. To become an administrator you must apply for it, and the users can vote on it. In order for the vote to pass, more than 50% of the users must agree and vote for you. The current votes do not get saved to disk, they are only valid while a user is online and has them in memory. When a new user connects, he syncs votes with all other users. This also syncs admin votes. UDP-based discovery and connections (peer discovery and exchange) Unique, randomly generated encryption between each individual user (Not 100% secure, if someone listens in on the initial exchange) Everything encrypted after initial exchange of peer discovery! Many options: Custom background, colors, text sizes, save chat logs, disable network features, disable chat, dock the chat Load icons from EXEs or other files for each game (VB makes this a huge pain to implement) LAN Voting system Userlist (Online users) UniqueID for each user based on Hardware Add/Launch games Search for games quickly by EXE name Monitor currently running game by EXE name and broadcast to chat Automatically extract and register OCX files, if the user agrees to it Option to disable all network functions Option to disable chat functions Mute users locally "Network Resources" menu that loads from Resources.txt to allow users to easily access network shares of games, movies, tv shows, etc. Easily disable/enable windows firewall (optional, not automatic) Private chat between users Currently playing (Never finished?) Admin features: Mute globally kick freeze their chat change their name run commands on user's computers (if they allow it, they can disable it) launch games for one or all users (if they allow it) Message boxes

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