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WMP Controls / Final

Submitted on: 12/25/2017 8:00:24 PM
By: Quake 
Level: Intermediate
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Compatibility: VB 6.0
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     WindowsMediaPlayer 11 (WMP.dll) (Final)(External Playlist)(CD/DVD), Controls, Chapters, Internal Playlist, Get Metadata Info's. This is a Demo Project. Not complete. Use this as a reference for your own project. Has many functions. Update 01 Added: Screenshot Example. Save Picture example WMP9 SDK.pdf Update 02 Added: More Metadata's Added: Fast Reverse/Forward by position Revamped code Fixed: Out of place code Update 03 Added Zoom Examples Added Mousedown Fast Reverse/Forward Timer Example - With Option Added Hints in Openstate/Playstate Update 04 Added: External Playlist Example To get the External playlist to work right you must have a timer. This is the only way I could get it to work. If someone else knows another better way, please share. Update 5 Added: CD/DVD Support Notes: Unless you have the Registry fixed this won't work. Update 6 included the Registry Fix. Update 7 Fixed: Durration on DVD Playback. Update 8 Added: Menu Checks Added: Eject - Also Menu Checks Fixed: Playlist of CD/DVD Click Fixed: Refresh Fixed: Forward/Reverse/Rate - See StatusChange Fixed: Changing of Media - No longer Errors, See (Url = vbnullstring) Update 9 Added: Screensaver thingy Added: Ontop Update: 10 You must have Alcohol 120% For this to work. Added Auto Check if Alcohol 120% Exist Added: Mount [Images / Iso's] Added: UN-Mount Notes the ontop will make your mouse disappear. IDK if this is any good for anyone but, it's there. This will be a final release. Unless I discover something new. Get K-lite codec pack Works on WinXP, Win7 Compile and see! Thanks to: * LaVolpe Supplied the Unicode Browser and Commondialog Classes * Carles P.V Supplied the original code to the Slider Control. * Microsoft For dropping VB6 support. Lastly * Myself. lol For digging up countless pages of useless references.

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Other User Comments

11/11/2016 4:03:36 PMQuake

BTW, I can't get the Chapters to work. Something they did to the WMP. I got chapters to work in MSDXM but, not in WMP. I'm guessing we'll have to use a third party code to get the chapters out of the IFO, or Media file itself and Drawchapters from it. Chapters are there but, not retrievable do to permission limitations is my guess.
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