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Weightlessness Calculator

Submitted on: 10/9/2019 2:41:23 AM
By: Nicholas Forystek  
Level: Intermediate
User Rating: Unrated
Compatibility: VB 6.0
Views: 1150
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     This application is for calculating weightlessness between two space matters, one being a defined box, by default the air density is used, and another being a defined spherical volume inside the box, by default density of water I used. Einstein’s equation for relativity is used providing constants for the speed of light as static whole materialistic property values, a single unit whole as 1, a negated single unit whole -1, and ratio congruently to void of the speed of light 0, and a two wholes of it as well, 2 non existing separate. Thinking of two DirectX matrix and relief of pressure is how this started as a way to measure cloned body parts in a crash report theory of miss appropriated wean to a welfare of organ donor hospital back-pay to know a goal equal to three is back credited minus existing and get to a maintained remaining level in taxidermy bodily care stabilized savings goal tor donor objects to feel better supported and not fortitude gravitational heavy as never healthy, I am at a miss understood stand still however thinking it's just historical welfare trend to half if half a body for instance is donor logic, in tragedy on a self, one welfare, arrives hospital care, if pronounced dead, hospital provided one welfare, in mended, walking out, one is sufficient, if prerequisite is clone biology you need two and one considerably you self, allowance before arrival, then if you are 2nd handed there of painfully, you may debt three to not only 2nd handed, it's stolen of the health care it welfare provides by whom hands, and single human self, attached two to the hole, you maybe provided of, but missing a welfare does not balance know what the back log needs regardless still trying to climb from the death, like a bad hospital there forth you in out first with no bandages for a predicted wound.

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9/15/2019 5:20:45 PMPaul Bahlawan

Just what I was looking for! Now my bread will be perfectly toasted every time.
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